January 16, 2018

Legendary Art & Great Metropolises of The Maya (Economy and Upgraded Versions), Choose Your Director and Date

Visualizing Book of Mormon Life:

Embark on a grand adventure, exploring deep green jungles and ancient Maya ruins. Here rulers were considered gods and were worshiped at temples on top of pyramids. But this is only 1/2 the story. Cutting-edge research has now revealed an even earlier civilization (B.C. times). Come explore an area that was a cradle of ancient American high culture with great kings who controlled vast commerce networks and used their wealth to employ masterful architects and artisans to construct exquisite palaces, cement highways, and grand cities.

But what really makes this tour special is that alongside your crash course on the Maya, you will be immersed in Book of Mormon history, stories, and geography — considering prime candidates for Book of Mormon lands and settings, with highlights in candidate locations for the Lands of Nephi and Bountiful.

Tour Description:

This tour focuses on phenomenal Maya ruins (including Tikal, the top attraction in the Maya area) coupled with visiting traditional markets and villages of the living Maya. This particular tour is our economy version, with comfortable and trusted economically priced hotels.

  • Feel like Indiana Jones as you explore Tikal, one of the greatest of all ruins. This massive city has at least 3000 buildings (50+ restored) dating from 300 B.C. to 900 A.D. Climb pyramids over 200 feet tall, with tops that tower over the jungle. Learn of the rise and fall of empires as Tikal rises to dominance.
  • See Quirigua Ruins, home to the largest Maya ball court and the tallest stone monuments in the ancient Americas. , and the flamboyant king “Sky Burner” (K’ak Tilwi Chan Yoat) and his artistic masterpieces.
  • Visit Yaxha, the third largest ruin in Guatemala. This mammoth metropolis lies hidden deep in the jungle and today is home to many animals such as howler and spider monkeys. Yaxha has many newly restored buildings and you will consider it a treasure as you see temples, palaces, and cement highways.
  • View Maya masterpieces at Copan, where some of the greatest artworks of the ancient Americas were created. Learn of ancient kings, their religion, politics, and warfare, including First Quetzal Macaw (Yax Kuk Mo’), one of the great kings of the ancient Americas.
  • Switch gears from the hot jungles and head up into the towering mountains of southern Guatemala where weather is cool to the “Land of Eternal Spring” with its ancient capital Kaminaljuyu (prime candidate for the City of Nephi).
  • The breathtaking setting at Lake Atitlan, where our hotel has acres of flower gardens, and the communities of colorful living Maya are places you will never forget and to which you will surely return. It is here, around Lake Atitlan, that the Quiche Maya believe the world was created. Explore Maya markets that provide a window to the past, and dine on traditional Maya cuisine in a private Maya home. The traditions practiced here are thousands of years old. Vistas of Lake Atitlan and surrounding and surrounding areas are some of the most beautiful in Central America. Relax and recharge at Lake Atitlan, one of the most beautiful lakes on earth, where our hotel has acres of flower gardens and tremendous views.

With fabulous weather and scenery in the mountains of southern Guatemala, many want some extra time here. Since you have traveled all this way, why not extend your stay?

Optional Add-On: ANTIGUA From $195 – $300 + tax/room/night (*based on room category)

Antigua is considered by many the most beautiful town in Central America and our hotel, the Palacio Dona Leonor with it’s exquisite rooms is the ideal home base (located 1/2 a block from the town square). Many want an extra “2nd honeymoon” night in Antigua at this fabulous hotel and/ or an extra day in this interesting town.

A detailed day-by-day itinerary will be included in your welcome packet when you sign up for the tour.

Included in This Tour

  • A superbly crafted travel experience to some of the best Maya ruins in Central America, with arrangements made by a company with 10 years and over 80 tours experience to these very regions.
  • Detailed information on all sites visited by our excellent staff of local guides.
  • Crash course on Maya archaeology & decipherment of Maya glyphs from these & other Maya sites by Mark Wright, Maya archaeologist.
  • Crash course on Book of Mormon History and Geography by Mark Wright, part-time religion instructor at BYU.
  • All land transportation included in the itinerary (new model luxury or best available motor coaches).
  • All water transportation included in the itinerary.
  • Economy category three star hotels (expectations should be geared towards a lower- cost hotel experience. We have selected hotels that provide clean rooms and friendly service, and that are tried and trusted, but that are also lower priced).
  • Entry fees for all activities included in the itinerary (not including entry fees for optional activities not done together as a group).
  • Tips (baggage handlers, maids, local guides, bus drivers, and waiters for pre-paid group meals, see recommendations on tipping below).
  • Border crossing fees
  • Airport fees and departure taxes
  • Professional Tour Director/Escort. A professional Company Tour Director will guide and assist this group for the entire tour. His costs are included in the tour price.
  • Meals included in the itinerary (see “Meals on This Tour” below)
  • Purified water (to put in your personal water containers)
  • Detailed itinerary and Tour Manual with trip preparation information

NOT Included in This Tour

  • All Airfares (International round trip from your departure city AND any any other flights during the tour, including those required for Add Ons if any. As airfare pricing can be constantly in flux, it is impossible to keep a tour price stable with any airfares included).
  • Travel Insurance.
  • Meals not included in the itinerary (see “Meals on This Tour” below).
  • Beverages of any kind at meal times (except purified water provided on the bus and those beverages included as courtesy welcome drinks from the hotels or included in breakfast buffets. If you are in doubt, please inquire to your waiter).
  • Extra transportation for any arrangements outside of those included in the tour itinerary.
  • All incidental charges at hotels such as phone bills, room service, mini-bar/snack bar consumption, fees for damaging or taking hotel property, etc.
  • Optional additional tips above the base tips including tip to your Tour Director.
  • Souvenir money.

Meals on This Tour

Generally, two meals per day are provided on this tour. This does NOT include international flight days (the first and last day), or other meals as mentioned below. The two meals included each day are usually breakfast and dinner at the hotels you are staying at. Lunches are NOT included. Most people will either bring lunch snacks for each day. You may also order a box lunch from the hotel, but these arrangements will need to be done by you personally with the hotel restaurant the night before each day you wish to have a box lunch. Box lunches are usually around $10 (give or take a few dollars) and are usually simple. As a general rule, beverages are NOT INCLUDED. Be prepared to pay your waiter if you purchase a beverage. If your waiter offers you bottled water, do not assume that it is on the house. You will most likely be charged for it. You will pay your waiter directly for any beverages you purchase at meal time. In the Detailed Itinerary the meals included in this tour are listed at the end of the daily description according to the following abbreviations:

Meals Included: B = Breakfast, L = Lunch, D = Dinner

Tips for this Tour

The company provides standard base tips for meals included in the itinerary, bell boys, maids, guides, drivers, and other service providers on this tour. Have money to tip accordingly for any extra services you ask of any service provider, including meals not included and all beverages you purchase. The company recommends that you be generous with extra tips to those drivers, guides, and other service providers that work closely with the group (especially the ones that you feel have personally provided excellent service.) As many clients inquire about tips for the Tour Director, these are also not included but are completely up to the discretion of each individual.

Special Items Needed for this Tour

No special items are needed for this tour.


Airfare is NOT INCLUDED in the tour price as pricing fluctuates based on supply and demand until the moment of purchase. WE CANNOT GUARANTEE any price for airfare in advance. You should expect the international round-trip airfare from most major US airports to Guatemala City to be over $650 per person. You should also expect flights around the holidays to be more expensive, and increase in cost drastically as the holidays approach. This tour also requires a one-way flight from Flores to Guatemala City, which you should expect to be over $150 per person. Once the tour is guaranteed with ten travelers, our flexible plan allows you to:

  1. use your Frequent Flyer miles for your tickets
  2. or, purchase your tickets through your own sources
  3. or, go through our discount ticketing agent who will arrange for you to arrive at our starting destination by the appointed time. Our agents will arrange flights inside the tour for the group, and you will be billed accordingly for the rate extended at the time of booking (can vary). For those interested in travel insurance, our agents will provide detailed information on available policies.

Obviously, the sooner you make your reservation, the better the price and/or availability of flights. However, DO NOT make airline arrangements until you have received confirmation that the tour is guaranteed (with a minimum of 10 participants) and a confirmation that you have a guaranteed spot on the tour (tours are filled on a first-come first-served basis by deposit).


If you have any questions about this tour, please call our Shelby Saberon at 801-737-6496 or email him here and refer to tour code GT10E11XXCATTBD for the Economy Version or GT10U11XXCATTBD for the Upgraded Version.

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